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last day...




8hours tennis with my members.
(include1hour lunch)

Took picture and recorded their form.

And enjoy match.

Today ,we are in Satte,Saitama next to Tokyo.

He matches among the adults.

He plays tennis every day from training camp.

He became tough guy.

I found a new pettern .
After easily brake game , he lost the game soon due to himself double fault , unforced error.
He has wounderful sence.
But , he is honest and does not have diplomatic skil .
He should reduce it.


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finished and relax



He finished a camp at 1:00pm.

We went to a hot spring called “HOTTARAKASHI ONSEN”

we enjoy and relax there.

we can see a nice view from
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26th;2h prabtice match with a fellow he is intructor.
mix doubles.
5set B.M.L.T.
2h group lesson with adult.

Today,he come to take part in a training camp.
He is in Ishii tennis academy Yamanashi.

He is going to practice volley and storoke rhysm.
Two famous coach teach there.

One is volley master who won Becker in Japan open Doubles,other is winner in Japan open singles 17years old japanese youngest record.

He learns a lot of things from them.

go for it 3days.
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Last day.

He finishes a training camp today.

I'm glad to seeing him and playing with him.
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We are in Adach prefecture ,Tokyo.

He came to play a match.

But , There is few menber in this match.
Compate with three persons.

However,he needs to have a experience.

We are lucky.


I thought he was the worst match today.But,he used broken gromet racket.
little different sence made him wrong.

After,three games he played better.

But,he feel a pain in his left leg.

After, lunch and training.
We go to a docter who has GOD hands.
He is famous oriental doctor and cure bones right position.

Todays;5matches.B.M.L.T5set.2hours group lesson.
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tie a legs............

Todays;2hour private lesson/B.M.L.T.5set

He found new way .

Tie his legs . He is conscious balance and axis .


Next , new training will be started .

I raise his ability .

Practice difficulty enable to improve his sence .

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become well

Todays; 2Hprivate basic practice with big ball .

2Hgroup lesson.

We can't run .

We had no time .

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Match for his service.



We are in Chiba next to Tokyo.

His sv(service)is becomming well.

But , He needs better choise durling the game.

It is most important for him to select best way.(speed,technique,mental,etc...)

It is very difficult to attack the oters because of hight , weight , power...

But , Japanese isn't tallar than foreigner.

So , he is lucy!!
Because we can't go abroad easily.But , adult player enable to practie prayer of all over the world.

He is too little to compete with adult now.
If he select better choice than the other , he compete well.
If not , he defeat easily.

I'm watching his game in my car.

In Japan , many parents watch his son behind of dividig net , wall and bush.
And yell advise or crap.
I don't like its attitude.
I can't believe.

How funny they are!!
Who is praying??

So , I'm just watchig from a distance.

I would like to tell about other country.


He played positive from start to finish.
I expect he compete in big tournament.

Now he is eating to intake protein.
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service taining more more more.....

todays ; private 1hour B.M.L.T.5set , group 2h15min.

It is more important for us to practice service .

Move weight correctly enable pivot like Federer .


He has to repeat this many times .

So , we use a weight ball(1kg) .

Make service movement then pretend to toss a ball .

If you can use a body trunk , feel it light .

If you can't , feel it heavy .

How wonderful Federer is .... 

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We got up 6:00am.
It took 1hour(earlier than our expectation) to arrive at Ikenoiri environmental center.

Compete with 8person.
First , Compete with 4person each block.After this ,Compete with each ranking.

1st 1-6
2nd 1-6
3rd 3-6
4th 6-2

Comments;He was absent from match last Sunday .
He has a tendancy unable to play as his wishes.
Each shot attack the other.But , through the game and point , his choice isn't suitble.

It is different from suitable shot and good shot .

One give enemy putting a pressure , the other, not give a pressure.

He became well game by game.

todays;4matches B.M.L.T.5sets .club team 2hours.
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He is going to play game in Saitamat.

He will take part in amateur tennis for adults.

Taking part in game is our purpose .

He is belonging to tennis club .

But , they are not a player who take part in amateur tounament.

So , we need to do so .

If we live a continent , we will confront many tennis players.

I love his backhand shot.

How wounderful !!


He hit back with both hands.

But , he was particular single hand .

Because , successive ATP no1 player hit with .

It is too hard for him to hit with single hand .

But , he practiced many times.

A few years he got it !!

following: recently service


Boys be ambitious.

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too busy...

today:private tennis 1h , group tennis 2h , B.L.M.T 5set.

his service is becoming well!!


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ideal service

We found ideal form today.

We are worried about it.

We will try to hit this form.



Japanese is not so tall and strong like European , American・・・・

We will get a super balance and super touch sense like Davidenko , Federer...

And he doesn't have super rhythm yet.

I tell him it everyday.

He is getting it slowly.

A professional needs three sense-balance,touch,rhythm.

Getting three lead him No1 ATP player.

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He is going to grow



18-20group lessonn

He became stoic for his service.

I told him keeping left hand and angle of his right arm.

He is going to acquire service soon.

He has good taste. But he need a lot of practice.

We corrected his forehand grip last November.

Now we try to correct his service .

He is particular about service.

If I think you are OK , he never agree.

He has an ideal himself.

go for it.

his forehand storoke upload !!


We praciticed “double rhythm”

But , he did it easily!!

I found new menu.

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fogot it..

He fogot ID card today.

So, he can't run with machine today.

He did only B.M.L.T.5set.

I'm tired today because of 8hour Lesson.

Good night...


his service!!

he can store tha power gradually.

We will try new menu called “Double Rhythm” tomorrow.

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Recentry,he works on a service, more simplicity,but strongly.

I think it's “OK”. But, his image is more upper position. He never consent.

So, I suggest “training method”(please iook at following)


step on your right leg.

Make service shape.

Pull the rubber toward sky.

Start moving weight left leg..

Rubber fly in front of you.


step on your left leg.
Make service shape.

Pull the rubber toward sky.

Start moving weight right leg..

Rubber fall behind of you.

And, a good idea flashed into my mind.

I will write that some day.

It is most important(but,most difficult) for us to store the the power of lower half of the body.

Tell us a good another method!!

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training training trainind...

He was absent from game.
So,we did physical traininng,running and B.M.L.T.
12-14age needs stamina.
I take his heart rate.(more than 160) 
afeter running, we move World Wing to do B.M.L.T.

In japan. many people tend to imitate and tehy think it good.
If its way is fault. How sorrowful Japan is!!
A solitary island get few true imfomation.
There is no Talented Japanese in Japan.
They went abroad because of work for foreign player.
Please tell me a true info...about junior...practice,game...
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be too amazed...

Today,he was absent from B.L.M.T

Because, I was busy with lesson(total 8hours)

His mom was too...

So, he decided.

But, at night lesson he didn't play well(ageinst his will)

He has to play a game tomorow.

But, he didn't want to......

We have to make out new schedule.

Oh!! my god.......

What is most important for junior tennis??


slice backhand

(todays practice)


offencive shot.


・foced a enemy to mistake

・this shot has a lot of pattern

(change course suddenly)

I hope he grows a fast-class player(both mind and physical) like Ichiro,Federer,Nadal.....

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Broken string...

He brake his string,while forehand stroke....(used 10days)

two string broken...

so, I changed new string as soon as getting home .



He likes soft feeling.

So, we use multistring for main.(poly for cross)

We prayed 1st match.

7-5,1-6,6-1(Doubles 3times/change person each game)

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OH! my god.

It is rainning today. He complain about rainyday.


B.M.L trainning 5set.

On court indoor1h30min.(game)


service like Federer(axis fof body)

service like Davydenko(flexibility)


4.95ft/81.4lb/41.8(a grip)

If advise,give an opinion.

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He wnat to be a NO1 ATP tennis player.

We practice everyday.

In,Japan we don't get a infomation.

Please,give us info about world tennnis.

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